NHL 20 Buffalo Sabres Franchise #3

NHL 20 Buffalo Sabres Franchise #3

GM Gersomino wasted no time in the draft securing the team another 1st round pick with a trade involving the Calgary Flames

Trade Alert

Buffalo Acquires: 2020 1st round pick (13th overall) from the Calgary Flames

Calgary Acquires: Center Tage Thompson and a 2020 2nd round pick (46th overall) from the Buffalo Sabres.

With two 1st round picks GM Gersomino hopes to solidify an up and coming young core for the future of the Buffalo Sabres.

NHL Draft 2020
Pick Player Pos Ht Wt
1 (OTT) Alexis Lafreniere (80) High Elite LW 6’1” 192
2 (COL) Troy Powell (78) Med Elite DEF 6’0” 194
3 (NYR) Vasily Ponomarev (63) Top 6 C 6’1” 186
13 Tim Stutzle (62) Med Elite C 5’11” 175
15 Jadon Carney (66) Top 6 LW 6’1” 192
84 Martin Toews (48) Med Elite GOA 6’0” 193
108 Felix-Antoine Marcotty (62) Top 9 RW 5’11” 190
139 Elliot Ekmark (56) Top 9 C 5’10” 156
201 Vesa Barkov (55) Fringe Starter GOA 5’11” 193
211 Alex Bolshakov (55) AHL Top 6 RW 6’3” 189

With resigning and free agency next on the horizon, GM Gersomino set his eyes on trying to bring a team together that can get to the playoffs. His first order of business is trying to resign top players and cornerstones Sam Reinhart, Casey Mittelstadt, and Victor Olofsson as well as defenseman Brandon Montour and goalie Linus Ullmark. Gm Gersomino will also be trying to shop around Okposo yet again to free up some space.

Resign Alert

GM Gersomino wasted no time locking up some key pieces to his young Buffalo Sabres team.

Sam Reinhart: 6yr 8.400 mil

Victor Olofsson: 4yr 4.750 mil

Casey Mittelstadt: 3yr 3.750 mil

Brandon Montour: 6yr 4.900 mil

Although Sam Reinhart had a limited season last year, GM Gersomino felt that the points will come when he’s healthy and that 8.400 mil was a good point to sign. Sadly, there was one player that GM Gersomino wanted to resign but he wanted to test the FA Market.

FA Sign Alert

Linus Ullmark has left the Buffalo Sabres and has signed with the San Jose Sharks on a 1-year deal in hopes of garnering a bigger contract the following offseason.

Linus Ullmark: 1yr 1.220 mil SJS

With the Sabres losing one of their better goalies from last year, GM Gersomino scrambled to find a replacement as well as a depth forward. Top Free Agents seemed to pass on the chance to play for Sabres. So, it’ll take some good seasons to try to get some attention towards this team.

FA Sign Alert

Anthony Duclair 3yr 2.900 million

Joonas Korpisalo 5yr 1.850 million

GM Gersomino finds a replacement for Linus Ullmark in Joonas Korpisalo. At 5 years and under 2 million a year, Korpisalo is a steal. Also coming to the Sabres is Anthony Duclair who looks to find his game with a new team and hopes to contribute.

Trade Alert

Buf acquire : 2022 7th round pick from LA Kings

LA Kings acquire: RW Kyle Okposo

Gone is Kyle Okposo and his large salary. It was a bad signing from the old regime and GM Gersomino is happy to be looking forward.

The regular season is coming in the next post. Look forward to the first 40 games update, what the roster now looks like, and anything in between.