Quick Game Review: Gears 5 (Xbox One)

Quick Game Review: Gears 5 (Xbox One)

Developed by: The Coalition

Published by: Xbox Games Studio

Released on: 9/10/2019

Played on: Xbox One

It’s safe to say that Gears is back. After what I thought was a not so great Gears of War 4 showing, Gears 5 comes charging at the end of the Xbox One life span to tell Xbox fans that they still have exclusives. Here’s my review.

I am trying to keep this as spoiler free as I could, Gears 5 takes place after the events of Gears of War 4. Kait is still coming to terms about the death of her mother while the COG is dealing with a new threat called the Swarm. I personally felt that the Gears 5 story told was so much better then Gears of War 4. A lot of this had to do with the characters.

This time around I felt so much more invested in the new crew of JD, Del, and Kait. It was good to see a much-needed effort that went into fleshing out their characters while also keeping around Marcus, Baird and company. If the fans are ever going to fully get behind the new Gears team The Coalition maybe needs to cut back on the use of the old crew mainstays. That’s my opinion. I know many love Marcus Fenix, myself included, but if I we are going to continue getting more entries you must be able to move on.

The core gameplay continues to shine in the Gears series and Gears 5 is no different. I’m such a big fan of the duck and cover gunplay. The weapons feel great as always even the new ones introduced such as the Claw and the Lancer GL assault weapon with its grenade attachments. I would have liked to see a plentiful number of grenades, but I understand how overpowering that could have been.

Graphically Gears 5 is up there as a beautiful looking game and I can only imagine how much greater it would look on an Xbox One X. The facial emotions are portrayed so well on the character models and John DiMaggio and Laura Bailey shine specifically as Marcus and Kait.

With all the positives of the game I at least want to mention one that just rubbed me the wrong way and that was Gears 5 attempt at open world Acts for their game. Personally, it just didn’t work for me. Sure, it added side quests to the game and an open area to explore but it was just such a barren and empty experience. I really wish it would’ve just stayed purely a linear experience and I hope they go back to that formula.

Overall Gears 5 is what Gears of War 4 should have been. If you own an Xbox One, you owe it to yourself to play this entry. As a Game Pass subscriber, it’s even more of a no brainer. I can’t wait to see what Gears 6 will bring.

Final Score: 8.6

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