The Weekly Backlog Grind #10

The Weekly Backlog Grind #10

Welcome to post #10 of The Weekly Backlog Grind. A good amount of game time went into this week thanks to having off Election Day and waking up early for most of the week to get an extra hour of gaming in here and there. Here’s my week in gaming.

Games Beat

The Outer Worlds:

What an amazing game! I had such a great time playing it. My full review will be up soon.

Currently Playing

Gears of War 5:

I’m finally putting another dent into Gears 5. Halfway done with Act 3. Is anyone else not really impressed with the open world Acts?

NHL 20:

So, I’ve started my Buffalo Sabres Franchise on the blog. I do not have high expectations for a high number of views as it’s something I’m doing for myself; however, the views and the interaction I’ve received so far is surprising and has made very happy.

My Town Hero:

This game is going to take a while to beat. I’m just not having fun with the gameplay. But because it was provided to me, I do need to buckle down and finish it eventually and get my review done.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (Campaign):

I’m never one for a multiplayer but oh boy does Call of Duty always have a stellar single player campaign. Currently on Mission 3 and the graphics are jaw dropping.

Luigi’s Mansion 3:

Such a fantastic game. I’m on floor 9 and I’m having a blast capturing the ghosts with Luigi. This one will definitely be in my Top 10 Games for the Year. The only downside is the need to play this just at home since my joy con has been on the fritz lately with its drifting analog stick.

Death Stranding:

This game that has so many mixed reviews. Some hate it, some love it. This game is going to come down to personal preference. After playing 4 hours so far as of this writing (Sunday night) I am enjoying the game. It does make you think about the vision Kojima had for this game. The graphics are astounding and so is the story. I can’t wait to play this more.

On the Back Burner

Kirby’s Dream Land 3:

Still on the final world of the game.


No progress made. My Apple Arcade playtime got hit hard this week with having no downtime at work whatsoever.

Backlogged Games

Blair Witch:

Have not gotten the chance to dive into this game but it’s still one I want to play.  Truth is I’m scared and hate jump scares.  The miss’s is always laughing at me for this.

Oxenfree and After Party:

These go hand in hand. Not sure which I’ll start first, but I’m interested in both.

Upcoming Games

Upcoming Games for November:

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

And that’s it for this week’s Weekly Backlog Grind. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Pokémon Sword & Shield is out this Friday. A lot of heat has been on Game Freak as of late. I hope the game is good. Same goes for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. No review is up yet and with EA’s track record lately I’m a bit worried about it. How about you? Are you buying any of those two games? What have you been playing? Comment below as always.

8 thoughts on “The Weekly Backlog Grind #10

  1. I started playing Nioh as it was free on PSN, good game, tough like Sekiro and the Dark Souls titles. Heard so many good things about the Outer Worlds, might treat myself to that maybe. Next game I’m looking forward to is Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 🙂

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      1. Yes, its a tough game just like the Souls games. I’ve played though to the first boss and managed to get past that. but that’s it so far. Very excited for Fallen Order, pre ordered so that’s been downloading today so will be playing that on Friday 🙂

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