BeardedGamer82 Unboxing’s: Death Stranding Unboxing (PS4)

BeardedGamer82 Unboxing’s: Death Stranding Unboxing (PS4)

Happy Friday everyone! Today we welcomed the release of Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding and like most console exclusive releases I had to purchase the Collectors Edition (well the misses did anyhow). Perfect anniversary gift I must say.

Below was the content thanks to the wonderful camera skills of her.

First I must say the box is rather large. It is a lot bigger than other Collectors Editions I own.

We have here the Death Stranding Steel Case. I wish it would’ve come with a standard case as well so I can put the Steel Case away for safe keeping.

Next week have the Bridges Cargo Case. This thing is massive.

And finally we have the Nendoroid More Ludens Mini Fig and the star of the Collectors Edition the BB Pod Statue. I know some might be creeped out by the statue but I think it’s awesome looking. It does light up inside (batteries not included).

All in all I’m happy with the purchase. As the game installs I just hope I like and enjoy the game to warrant the $200.00 price tag. Did anyone else purchase Death Stranding? Have you had a chance to play it?

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