The Weekly Backlog Grind #4

The Weekly Backlog Grind #4

Welcome to post #4 of The Weekly Backlog Grind. As I assumed, this was a rather short backlog gaming week for myself. Fire Emblem: Three Houses took the majority of my free time as did the release of NHL 20 on EA Access. Here is what I was able to play.

Currently playing

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Completed the Etten quest line after a few trial and error attempts. Took a while to level-up enough to run through the quest. Ended my play through for the week with that.

Gears of War 4

As I was preloading Gears of War 5 for the Friday release, I noticed I had never completed Gears of War 4. I am not sure how I neglected to do that, but he we are. Since I still have time before I start Gears of War 5, I am working on finishing up Gears of War 4. I played up to Act 3. Not a bad chunk.

And that’s what I accomplished for the week with my backlog. Current games I’m playing are Control and Creature in the Well. Here’s my list of Reviews I still need to write.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Wolfenstein: Young Blood

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

What are some games you are currently playing? Leave a comment below. Anyone playing NHL 20 on release?

12 thoughts on “The Weekly Backlog Grind #4

  1. I just finished up the Demo for Dragon Quest XI, and I’m chomping at the bit to get to the rest on September 27th! I will also be playing the new Chapter 9 of Celeste sometime later this week or weekend.

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    1. I have the demo for Dragon Quest XI all ready to go I just need to dig into it. I don’t know if I can get myself to go back to Celeste. It was such a special game but so many games constantly coming out. If we get a little drought month I may the new chapter.

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      1. I understand the flow of gaming and not being able to get to everything! I’ve had a bit of a drought lately, but the flood is almost here: new Celeste, Dragon Quest XI, Link’s Awakening, Greedfall, Untitled Goose Game…September is going to get VERY busy for me!

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      1. Erm because I’ve played the PES 2020 demo for a while I’ve been comparing (which I’ll write about soon), but it’s definitely better than last year (even tho it’s kinda the same), I feel the game is more tactical than it was last year, and the new animations look good, but arcadey compared to PES (but I’ll get into that later)

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