Real Neat Blog Award

Thank you Red Metal at Extra Life for the tag for the Real Neat Blog Award. Here’s my answers for your questions. As always I really enjoy your content and I always look forward to your next post.

1. Have you ever watched a film in theaters that required an Intermission?

I remember watching Titanic and Avatar in theaters but I don’t remember if those had an intermission. I do remember going to the bathroom a few times.

2. What is the most expensive ticket you’ve ever purchased?

I spent maybe a few hundred dollars on front row tickets to a New York Rangers playoff game back in 2014. Other then that I usually spend well under 100$ on any ticket involving sports or music.

3. If you had to trade in fluency of your first language for another, which one would you choose?

I would say Spanish because it’s a resourceful language to know in NYC as a second language and at times a main language.

4. If you could appear on any game show (including ones that have ended), which one would you choose?

It’s not so much a game show but I remember as a kid I always wanted to be chosen for Nickelodeon’s Super Toy Run. When I would go to toys r us I would always map out a my run. Sadly that never happened.

5. As someone who has watched many classics over the past few years, I’ve concluded that old films are overall better than recent efforts. What do you think the current generation of filmmakers lacks that allowed their predecessors to shine?

I think originality but that can be blamed to film studios as well. It seems to be easier to make a sequel or remake of a film to play it safe and make money then try something new.

6. How do you like your eggs prepared?

Omelet if it’s on a bagel or sunny side up.

7. How do you like your potatoes prepared?

Roasted garlic potatoes.

8. If you found yourself directing films, which genre would you want to specialize in?

Comedy just because those are the type of films I really enjoy.

9. What is your favorite band/artist with a limited discography (i.e. no more than 4 studio albums)?

Up until this day my answer for favorite band (well one of them) is Nirvana.

10. There are many stories over the years of projects or ideas never getting off the ground or being canceled mid-production. Which one would you bring into reality if you could?

Two come to mind. Scalebound is one. Xbox has a lack of exclusives and this one got canned so abruptly. Another one would be Project Titan by Blizzard. I was always curious what kind of MMO this game was going to turn out but sadly after years of development it was canned as well.

11. What series do you feel managed to be consistently good for an extended period of time?

Breaking Bad I think was rather good from start to finish as was The Big Bang Theory. For most of its run I would throw The Office out there as well.

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