The Weekly Backlog Grind #3

The Weekly Backlog Grind #3

Welcome to post #3 of The Weekly Backlog Grind. I know I skipped last week, but that was because I did not touch any backlog games. The previous week was dedicated to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, Madden 20 franchise with my co-workers, Gears Pop! and Pokémon Masters on my mobile phone. With all that said, I am back on track for this post. Here’s what I have been chipping away at from my Backlog.

Currently playing

Transistor (Nintendo Switch)

I started playing Transistor through what seemed like the prologue, not quite sure what the story is about yet, but I like the look of the game and the gameplay. Hope to get back to it down the line.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

I continued my way through Act 2. I left off on the Etten quest line. It requires me to dominate Captains for my army to siege a fortress. I think I might be under-leveled a little so I may have to grind out a level or two.

Next week could be another week where I do not get an opportunity play any of my backlogged games since I’m currently playing through Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Control, but we shall see.

So what games have you been playing? Leave a comment and enjoy your week of gaming.

4 thoughts on “The Weekly Backlog Grind #3

  1. Head Middle Earth Shadow War was quite good, not played it though. I started playing Control (PS4) last week, quite a good game. Its got a very strange story, it feels a bit like the Matrix but with Force Awakens powers. Its a bit of an odd game but been enjoying playing it so far.

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