Quick Movie Review: The Kid Who Would Be King

Quick Movie Review: The Kid Who Would Be King

A modern fantasy movie, King Arthur has defeated the enchantress Morgana with the aid of Excalibur. Although defeated, Morgana vows to bring destruction to the world and claim Excalibur as her own.

Fast forward to the present-day where Alex is starting his new year at school. He gets text messages from his best friend Bedders who is being bullied. Alex comes to his aid, but the bullies (Lance and Kaye) then turn on him. Alex and the bullies are given detention where they plan to give more grief to Alex. When they get out of detention Lance and Kaye chase Alex. Alex hides in an abandoned construction site where he finds Excalibur embedded in stone. He removes it from the stone but in the process, he awakens Morgana. It’s up to Alex and his unlikely allies to stop Morgana from rising to destroy the worlds.

I loved the modern setting of England for this movie and the use of sites such as Stonehenge and Tintsgel which are known for their correlation to King Arthur’s legends. The fighting sequences were well done and gave the feeling of kids being inexperienced in combat. I also enjoyed the addition of a modernized Merlin.

Overall, The Kid Who Would Be King is a genuinely good movie and I don’t understand why it did not do well in theaters. If and when it comes to streaming services, I would say give this a watch.

Movie Score: 8.0/10


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