The Weekly Backlog Grind #1

The Weekly Backlog Grind #1

Games Completed:

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (Xbox One)

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite took me two weekends to finish. I enjoyed the Story for what it was even though there was quite a bit of cheesy one-liners. The models used in this iteration didn’t seem quite as smooth as UMVC3, in my opinion. This all topped with the fact that Capcom left out main staples such as Wolverine, I can see why fans were in such an outrage over this game.

The fighting however was solid, and the added strategy of the infinity stones was a bonus.

Games Played:

Rage (Xbox 360)

Rage is definitely a brown palette game, not as bright as Rage 2. Played an hour so far and completed the Wasted Garage Mission. I like the pace that they give you new weapons and the gun play seems to hold up with most current gen games.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War (Xbox One)

I have had this one in its wrapping since its release in 2017. I played through the prologue and I already regret holding off on playing. It reminded me what I liked about Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. I can’t wait to chip away at more of this game next week.

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