Quick Game Review: Rage 2 (Xbox One)

Quick Game Review: Rage 2 (Xbox One)

Developed by: Avalanche Studios

Published by: Bethesda Softworks

Released on: 5/14/2019

Played on: Xbox One

Rage 2 is an Open World FPS and the sequel to Rage that previously released on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Rage 2 continues the gunplay success of the original Rage and shows why it’s so renowned for its top-notch gunplay. Each weapon and melee attack are done with such precision and always feel so rewarding when used. But that’s where the positives end for Rage 2.

Right from the beginning the Story didn’t catch my attention in the slightest. You play as the last ranger of Vineland and it’s up to you to take down General Cross by being tasked with Project Dagger. After the first hour of playing I really didn’t care much for the Story. It didn’t grab my attention and I was more worried about killing baddies instead.

For an Open World game, Rage 2 was rather empty and at times I was bored driving around from point A to point B. They could’ve made the world much smaller and more linear and I might’ve enjoyed myself in their world more.

Another problem I had were the graphics of Rage 2. I know graphics are not everything in a game, but it didn’t blow knock my socks off in the slightest. Looking back at Doom (2016) and that game looks better than Rage 2. I am happy with the more colorful look in Rage 2, rather than the all-out brown and dark aesthetic in the original Rage.

If you’re looking for a mind-numbing shooting baddies game set in a post-apocalyptic world, then check out Rage 2. You won’t be disappointed by the gunplay, but that’s where the enjoyment stops.

Final Score: 7/10

7 thoughts on “Quick Game Review: Rage 2 (Xbox One)

    1. I only played it because my co worker spoke so highly of the first one, especially the gunplay, which was the only thing I enjoyed really about the game. Honestly it’s probably going to be the last time I take advice from him.


      1. The gunplay was the bright spot of the game. The open world was rather barren and the story was rather forgettable. Personally it just didn’t catch my attention. But it was fun killing things


  1. To be fair, the first game was essentially a technical demo to show what was possible with the new game engine John Carmack built. I am however unsurprised about Bethesda’s lack of art direction or sorely missing storytelling.

    All the studios under Zenimax have been on a downward spiral since Fallout 4. It is sad to see once a great group of studios fall to the greed of EA and Activision.

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  2. Pretty much spot on! I feel if the world was smaller, less bloated and with a bigger variety of activities, Rage 2 would have been great. I still think it’s worth playing for some simplistic fun because the combat alone is superb.

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