Quick Movie Review: Breakthrough (2019)

Quick Movie Review: Breakthrough (2019)

This past weekend I sat down to watch Breakthrough which is based on a true story. Going in I knew this was going to be a tearjerker and very much on the evangelical side of faith and religion. So, I was completely prepared with a box of tissues in hand.

Chrissy Metz, best known for her role on This is Us, plays the mother Joyce Smith. She gives an outstanding performance. She and her husband Brian (played by Josh Lucas) are the parents of a boy named John Smith whom they adopted from Guatemala at 9 months of age.

John is now a teenager dealing with finding his identity. Him and two friends go out playing on the ice and as the story goes, the ice breaks. John gets pulled out of the freezing water after being submerged for well over 15 minutes. The doctors have given up hope as there is no sign of life. His mother rushes to his side at the hospital. She pleads with God and miraculously her son has a pulse.

Joyce remains by her son’s side never losing her faith as the community and world pray for John. Not as a spoiler, but we all know he makes an unbelievable recovery. And in the end John discovers that he’s not lost at all. He knows exactly who he is and who loves him.

I personally am not a very religious person; however, as a mother I completely felt everything Joyce was going through. Her resounding strength got her through what I am sure is the hardest thing she has ever faced in her life.

I do recommend checking out this movie, but make sure you have tissues on hand.

Movie Score 6.5/10


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