Saturday and Sunday E3 Takeaways

Saturday and Sunday E3 Takeaways

Going with just my quick hot takes of E3 this year. Below are my first impressions of E3 for Saturday and Sunday.

EA Play

EA was up on Saturday. When all it was said and done, I do not believe they had a good conference. The highlight was Star Wars Fallen Order. Star Wars Fallen Order looked awesome and I can’t wait to play it. The combat looks stellar and the fact that it’s all cannon just makes it that more exciting to play. Other than that, there was nothing genuinely impressive. New FIFA and Madden looked good as per usual, but no sign of Dragon Age and no news about trying to save Anthem.

My biggest gripe was the lack of Switch support. Another roster updated FIFA will make its way to the Nintendo Switch, but that’s it. They could and should have done more. Give me Madden and NHL for the Switch. Give me the frostbite engined FIFA, and not a water downed version. I do not know why I had my hopes up.

Xbox E3 Conference

Xbox’s conference was Sunday afternoon and although I did enjoy the conference and was excited with the announcements, it didn’t fully blow my socks off. Reason why? For me personally, I would have liked to see more gameplay trailers of the games that were announced. Anyway, here are the games that were most exciting for me.

The Outer Worlds was shown again, and I can’t wait for the Obsidian game to debut in October. Cyber Punk 2077 got another trailer and oh my god Keanu Reeves is in it. The fact that it’s releasing in April 2020 is okay due to the sole fact that Keanu Reeves made an appearance. Minecraft Dungeon looked notable and I can’t wait to play that with the kids. Blair Witch game anyone? That looks so terrifying, but very intriguing. Battletoads got a trailer but sadly no release date in sight. Gears 5 was given a September release and that was surprise to me. I thought 2020 for sure for this particular game.

Outside of their games Xbox killed it with Gamepass and with the game titles being added such as Metro Exodus. Gamepass continues to be worth every penny. And the fact that games like Gears 5, The Outer Worlds, and Halo will be same day release on Gamepass still boggles my mind.

Xcloud is coming this October and what I found awesome is that you can use the service for free when you use your own Xbox as your personal Xcloud server. I can’t wait to get some good use of this on my commutes to work and during my lunch hour.

And finally, Project Scarlett was unveiled with 8k Gaming and 120fps. This next gen console will launch Holidays of 2020.

Bethesda and Devolver Digital Conferences

I’ll just touch on these two very briefly. Bethesda and Devolver Digital closed out Sunday night respectively.

Bethesda announced incoming updates to Fallout 76 that shows they are listening to their fans. NPCs are making their way to the game along with choice consequences and more quests. I for one might finally take a dive into Fallout 76 with all these quality of life updates and changes. Other big announcements were Doom Eternal getting a release date of November 22. The makers of The Evil Within franchise announced the game Ghostwire Tokyo and what was shown looked incredible.

Devolver Digital had a small conference and my most anticipated game from that is Carrion.

What did you all think of weekend conferences? What games are you excited for? Comment below. I hope to have my hot takes of what is being shown on Monday hopefully out by Tuesday.


5 thoughts on “Saturday and Sunday E3 Takeaways

  1. Totally agree with you about the Xbox conference. It was good, but I wasn’t blown away. Also, it’s hard to say without seeing any gameplay, but Ghostwire Toykro is definitely one to watch!

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