Metro Exodus Review (Xbox One)

Metro Exodus Review (Xbox One)

Developed by: 4A Games

Published by: Deep Silver

Released on: 2/15/2019

Played on: Xbox One

The Metro Series has long been acclaimed for its gameplay and storytelling. With the release of Metro Exodus, the Metro series takes itself out of the Metro underground and focuses itself in various areas above in a sandbox like environment. Would the change work for Metro Exodus? Let’s find out.


Metro Exodus follows the events of the previous installment in the Metro series, Metro: Last Light. Metro Exodus continues the story of the Redemption Ending (the “good” ending) of Metro: Last Light.

Artyom is on his latest expedition above ground with Anna set to prove that they and survivors of the Metro aren’t the only humans Alive. While above ground Anna and Artyom see a train passing through. Before they could investigate any further Anna is captured by Hansa guards while Artyom is shot and left for dead.

As Artyom you find your way to the Hansa soldiers base where Anna is being kept. You get aid from a train engineer Yerkmak to find Anna and plan to escape the base. During your fight with the Hansa soldiers a signal jammer is destroyed and communications from all over are no longer blocked from Moscow. There are other survivors other than Moscow! With this knowledge Anna and Artyom steal the train (with the help of Yermak).

While aboard the train you are stopped by the Spartan Order led by Miller. When they realize Artyom and Anna are aboard they all decide they can’t go back home and they all leave Moscow. After hearing the broadcast from the Ark it is decided that they will take the train (christened the Aurora) and head to Mount Yamantau. The game opens up from here and I will avoid spoiling.


Metro Exodus is a first-person shooter driven by its story. You fight mutated animals as well as surface dwellers that have survived the post nuclear war.

Gameplay is by far the major area where I feel Metro Exodus excels. Its combat is fast and well done. Each weapon can be modified to your preference. Items you pick up during your play through are used for modifying and crafting things such as bullets and air filters.

Crafting and repairing doesn’t feel monotonous at all. I wish that they would’ve allow full modifying from your back pack but then I guess that takes away the use of work benches spread out in Metro Exodus.

Vehicles aren’t a strong suit in the game. It could be just my poor driving skills, but the vehicles did not feel like they had good control.

Traversing to each area is done with the use of the Aurora. The downtime you have before you start your missions are one of my favorite parts of the game. I enjoyed conversations with every character aboard the Aurora. From smoking cigarettes, to playing the guitar, to singing it brought a sense of bonding with the characters which made me feel more invested in them.

Another downside is the loading times. Having Artyom’s dialogue during the load times was a nice move to mask the long wait times but it didn’t always draw my attention of watching a rather long loading screen.


Graphically, Metro Exodus is a beautiful looking game. They depict the world of Metro Exodus wonderfully and really give it a feel of a post nuclear environment. Each area visited is different from the next. Each area is wonderfully crafted and take the seasons in effect with their look and feel. From the snow filled Dead City, to the Desert of the Caspian Sea, the world around you left me in awe.


Another aspect of Metro Exodus that I feel was so well done with a small exception was the voice acting. Every character was so well voiced. All with the exception of one and that was Artyom. For most this could be a small issue just because previous games also had no voice acting for Artyom.

In a game that had me constantly looking forward to any interactions with my crew and to any possible responses to them during even the direst situations, having no voice for Artyom during the game really wavered my immersion in Metro Exodus. I would’ve even taken a text dialogue response rather than complete silence. Nothing puts me off more then to have someone having a meaningful deep conversation with you and they then ask a question and they just stare blankly because you can’t respond.

Why go this route is beyond me especially when you give him a voice during the loading screens?

My Final Thoughts

Metro Exodus is a spectacular game and a good change from the corridors of the metro. Each area offers wonderful visuals of a world years later from a nuclear war. A good crafting system with an array of gun options, you can tailor guns to your play style. I would’ve liked to see Artyom finally given a voice but Metro series continued to keep him a silent main character. This at times pulled me from the immersion of the game but it didn’t change my enjoyment I had in the world of Metro Exodus.

Hopefully new players will give this game a shot as it is a solid first-person shooter game.

Final Score – 9.0

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  1. I completely agree with your assessment on completely silent protagonists in a game like this. Using text will at least give the general idea that you’re responding, but total silence is really just weird.

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