Ape Out Review (Switch)

Ape Out Review (Switch)

Developed By: Gabe Cuzzillo

Published By: Devolver Digital

Released: 2/28/2019

Played On: Nintendo Switch

When I first saw the trailer for Ape Out, I was both intrigued and excited for the game. Devolver Digital has a great track record of publishing games I like, so I knew I had to give this one a shot.


Ape Out is a 2D action game with a top down camera angle. You play as a huge orange ape whose main goal is to escape his captives.

You control the Ape with rather simple controls. You use the two sticks on your controller and the two shoulder buttons. That’s it. The shoulder buttons allow you to grab and attack.

Each level has a specific look to it. When you die most choke points and barriers are still present, but the enemy spawn areas are randomly generated. Enemies, for the most part, come with different types of guns including shot guns, bullet spraying guns, and flamethrowers.

There’s nothing more satisfying then grabbing an enemy and using him as a shield and letting his gun fire towards his comrades. Oh, wait there is, throwing these enemies against wall or at each other and watching the huge amount of blood and body parts splatter everywhere. Yes, that’s way more satisfying.

But you must be careful. You are allowed to get hit with gun fire at least 2 times. The third time kills you and you must start the level over. When you are killed you are shown what path you took throughout the level and the location of the end point. This gives you a chance to better strategize your next run.

The game is split into 4 vinyl albums each consisting of tracks which stand as levels. Each level is like small bursts of fun. The one knock is the loading times. They can be a bit long, especially when loading the game for the first time.


Each level of Ape Out hits you with amazing Jazz music that goes in rhythm with how and what you are doing in the level. The drumbeats increase depending on the danger you’re facing from the enemies, to you smashing your way through glass and doors. Each beat and cymbal are perfectly executed and leaves you with nothing short of a spectacular soundtrack to play through.


When you complete each album, you are done with the campaign. Ape Out offers a hard difficulty that can only be accessed as you beat each level. To me hard mode was too difficult, but normal difficulty felt just right. Also unlocked when you beat the campaign is Arcade Mode.

Arcade mode is your standard play to get the highest score possible. Points are accumulated based on the amount of time it took you to beat a level, how many enemies you killed and if you took any damage.

My Final Thoughts

Ape Out has simplistic controls, look, and gameplay but that isn’t a knock in the least. It offers gameplay in quick bursts and is perfect on the go or to play in a sitting.

The campaign took me a few hours to complete, including the large handful of deaths I experienced. Hard Mode wasn’t for me, but for other who are really good at these types of games it won’t be disappointed with the difficulty of Hard Mode.

Arcade Mode offers you a different way to play Ape Out since you have to be quick on your feet. If you enjoy trying for high scores, then Arcade Mode will give this game extra longevity for your money and the $15 price tag is a perfect to pay for Ape Out. If you are looking for quick fun action, then you owe it to yourself to try Ape Out. Right now, it’s up there as a Game of the Year contender for myself.

Final Score 8.8


3 thoughts on “Ape Out Review (Switch)

  1. “When you are killed you are shown what path you took throughout the level and the location of the end point. This gives you a chance to better strategize your next run.” – This sounds like a small but very cool feature. Great review!

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